steve kissing tony in the middle of a video game to distract him and let steve take the lead

tony falling for it every time and cursing when he opens his eyes after the kiss and sees the screen

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steve/tony, beauty and the beast~


Anthony gives him pencils, gives him paper and ink and paint and everything an artist could desire, and then only talks to him when he gives Steve food.

It’s always the same: “Is this suitable,” and Steve will look at the food, which is always more than he’d ever hoped to eat, and say, “Yes, thank you.”

Then Anthony will ask if Steve is well, and Steve will, again, say, “Yes, thank you,” and Anthony will say that he’s pleased, and then he’ll go back to wherever he goes when he isn’t delivering food to Steve’s door.

Steve has grown used to Anthony’s appearance over the weeks. The metal embedded in his skin, glossy red and gleaming gold, crusting over everything but his face. That face is seldom smiling, Steve has noticed.

Another thing Steve has noticed is that Anthony is kind, despite his protests and Steve’s initial beliefs. He has brought Steve everything he has asked for, even things he just mentioned offhandedly, never expecting anything to happen. He also builds things, magnificent things that makes Steve marvel, things that whir and shine and clunk. He builds birdfeeders, he gives stray dogs shelter from the rain, he lets them eat food he drops in a bowl since most animals shy away from his metal hands.

Steve can admit to himself that he’s fascinated by Anthony, and when he gets an offer to come down and eat at the dinner table, he accepts perhaps a bit sooner than he should.

The food, as always, is better than anything Steve has eaten before coming here, and he doesn’t realize he’s making noises before Anthony says, “I’m glad you find it to your liking.”

"It’s very good," Steve says, mouth stuffed full with some type of meat, and Anthony smiles one of his rare smiles.

"Yes, well, my cooks are very good."

Steve makes another noise. “You made the cooks, yes? They are- not quite machines-“

"But not quite people, either," Anthony allows. "Yes, exactly."

Steve’s fork scraps his plate, and he pauses. “Anthony?”


"If I was to try and leave," Steve says slowly, "would you let me?"

Anthony’s smile vanishes. A moment passes before he says, voice low, “Of course, you are welcome to leave here anytime you wish. If that is what you desire, I will not stop you.”

Steve nods. “Okay,” he says, and resumes eating.

He feels Anthony’s eyes on him for a while before Anthony starts eating again.

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stevetony, future!steve and tony get transported back and freak everyone out by being happily married for the last decade or so.


"They seem awfully close," Bruce points out, eyes on the screen that shows the room that Steve and Tony are in.

On said screen, Steve and Tony, both with more grey in their hair and more lines on their faces, are pressing their shoulders together like it’s something they do every day without noticing.

"They’ve known each other for what, twenty years?" Clint folds his arms. "People get close over that time period. It just means they’re good teammates."

Steve opens his mouth to say something, but then stops with his mouth hanging open as the on-screen Steve links his fingers with Tony before bringing Tony’s hand up to kiss the gold band on Tony’s ring finger.

"Or you could all ignore me," Clint says, and everyone watches the screen in silent disbelief as older-Tony tilts his head up gratefully and lets Steve kiss him.

It’s a chaste kiss, lasting less than two seconds, but it’s obviously something they’ve done into the ground, and Steve watches his older self and identifies the feeling in his stomach as jealousy- he’s never been so familiar with another person, at least not like that.

On screen, Steve sighs. “We’re going to miss our dinner reservations.”

Tony squeezes his hand. “Depends on how good Reed is at this point. We could be back with hours to spare.” At Steve’s look, he laughs, and the lines in his face bunch. “But we’re never that lucky, I know. We’ll probably get involved in a Skrull invasion.”

Steve starts stroking his thumb absently against Tony’s hand. “The SHIELD agents are still intimidated by us in this time. I had forgotten what that was like.”

"Well, in our time’s SHIELD agents’ defense, after walking in on us naked for the third time, it’s kind of hard to stay intimidated by either of us," Tony says, and Steve snorts and nudges him with his shoulder.

"Half of those times were your fault."

Tony mock-gasps. “Fine, but you initiated most of the times on the Helicarrier.”

"I’m offended and hurt," Steve says blandly. "I am an American icon, you just insulted the flag, I order you to recite the national anthem three times backwards, I can do this, I’m Captain America-"

Older-Steve grins and stops talking when Tony tells him to shut up and then kisses him silent.

Behind Steve, he heard Tony- his Tony- his time’s Tony- say, “Huh,” thoughtfully, and Steve looks at him as he pushes down the nerves.


Tony shrugs, avoiding his eyes. “Never thought you’d have the guts to do it on the Helicarrier, Cap.”

Steve stays silent, unable to choose between looking at his team or at the screen, where the two people there are looking at each other with obvious love. In compromise, he looks at the floor, and onscreen, he hears himself laugh in a way he doesn’t think he ever has.

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